Batch Eight

It’s just a few days before my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to pick up more kittens? In keeping with our grey scale theme we got black and white kittens again this time. Yay!

The one in the picture by her self is Zipper2. We are naming her Zipper2 because she reminded us of our other foster kitten/some time resident cat Zipper.

The other one that looks like her is Stubs. We named her that because she has no tail. We don’t know why she has no tail, but we love her anyways. In fact, she practically chose me as her object of affection upon arriving at our condo. She would purr at the sight of me and follows me around the “kitten nursery”. I will admit I have been letting her nap on my knee while I am working, and letting her nap on my arm while I am napping… okay okay, so it’s love at first sight, but how can you not love her?

Their long haired brother is Darth. Darth, despite his name, is not evil. Far from it, he’s a soft cuddly bundle of fur that will hiss at you not because he doesn’t like you, but because he forget you are around sometimes. We will be updating they progress here over the next few weeks, stay tuned!


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