Ocelot is the one with the stripes. She is named after a small wild cat that Salvador Dali kept as a pet. Please find her a better name – we’re running out of creativity after fostering 23 kittens. We named her sister’s “Righty” and “Lefty” for goodness’ sake.

When we first met Ocelot, we were surprised to discover that she loves to be held. On her back, cradled in your hands. She gets a dreamy look on her face, relaxes completely, and is perfectly content to fall asleep like that, in fact. It’s strange.

She generally loves being with people, too. She’s happy to run around chasing (or more likely being chased by) her siblings, but she seems happiest when she’s around people (*purr purr purr*).

Ocelot doesn’t know what dry food is for (ooh! toys!), but has at least stopped being picky about the wet food she eats. And there’s a flavour of wet food that she loves more than anything. She actually snarled at her litter-mates when they tried to steal some of it from her. We’ll let you try to discover what type of fish it is.


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