McFluffy (aka McScruffy, aka McStinky, aka Luciano) is the boy. Also the fluffy one. And while he may look like the biggest, the tale of the tape reveals that his sister outweighs him by a couple hundred grams.

McLongfur’s, um, long fur requires occasional grooming to prevent him from getting scruffy (see second name above). It also presents a bit of a challenge to, um, the elimination of food waste after digestion. Without proper trimming around a particular area, bits of digested food waste can get stuck to his long fur, making him a bit stinky (see the third name above).

But none of that is really a problem, since this cat is just so happy (McHappy?) He’s got a voice with an incredible range – from little chirps and trills when he’s playing with toys or his siblings, to plaintive meows when he thinks he’s being ignored, to deeply-felt vocal solos when you’re not feeding him fast enough for his liking. He can hold a note for over ten seconds (see the fourth name above).

He loves other cats and people, and getting attention, but (unlike all his sisters) isn’t all that fond of being held. Especially on his back. He’ll complain about that. Loudly.

McFluffy is litter trained, but may take a little encouragement to learn where the litter box is. And he hasn’t quite figured out dry food yet. (What’s this? I’m huunnnnnngryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!) He’ll get there, though.


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