HeftyHefty (originally named Lefty, since she has a patch of white fur on the left side of her face, as opposed to the right side) got her new nick name by gaining 500 grams in less than 3 weeks. We also briefly considered “Hungry Hungry Hippo” as a name, but stopped. After realizing that she was now approximately twice the size of her litter-mates, she put her bulk to good work by pinning her smallest siblings to the ground while playing. In response, they all adopted a strategy that we like to call “squeak, then run away.”

Other than that minor quirk, she is extremely good-natured. Hefty likes to play with her siblings, people, other cats, and small rocks. She also has an adorable habit of flopping her ears down (like a bunny) when she’s happy. Like after trying unsuccessfully to pin your knee to the ground.

When you bring her home, it will probably take a while for her to adjust to the new space – despite her size and friendliness, she’s a little shy and wary of big spaces. She waits for her much smaller but braver sisters to forge the way for her. (When she’s nervous, she often flops her ears down. Please try not to laugh at her trepidation.)

Finally, she’s litter-trained, sleeps anywhere, and likes being picked up and held, and very rarely makes any sound other than a purr. She’ll eat pretty much everything (could you guess?), but actually doesn’t try to steal food from her siblings. She just snacks a lot on dry food while they’re staring at it suspiciously.



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