A120323(Mickey, Pantera, Piggy)


Pantera (that’s “Panther” in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian) is an amazing cat, quite beside having the most stunning markings of any kitten that we’ve ever seen. He’s incredibly good-natured, and will happily sit on your lap when he’s, looking up occasionally and saying “Squawk” (that’s “Hi” in Kitten). We haven’t yet found a cat toy that he doesn’t like.

He follows you around, too, which is adorable. Not just a little. Like a little puppy. We think he can be trained to come when called. (He already responds to “come here!” in a high-pitched voice.)

He gets along well with our two adult cats, guests, and the big golden retriever who lives down the hall (well, they bumped noses before we caught him), but he absolutely adores his sister. He’ll probably be lonely for a little while once the two of them are separated, but he’s a pretty resilient guy.

He’s also very picky. So far, he doesn’t really like to eat dry food. If you put some water in it, he’ll pick at it, but he likes to sing and beg for wet food whenever you’re near the kitchen. He’ll eat just about any wet food, though. And he’ll apparently never stop. (If it’s been a week since you last cut his nails, he also likes to climb your pant-leg to get at the wet food before you put it down for him.)

(An aside: we call him “Piggy” since that’s what he sounds like when he’s snuffling in his wet food bowl.)

Also, he doesn’t like dirty litter. Or possibly sandy litter. We had wet spots on our bathroom floor for a few days until we put out a separate litter box for Senor Pantera with “Yesterday’s News” as litter, and cleaned both litter boxes at least twice a day.

He’s well trained on scratching posts, though. No issue there. Overall, little “пантера” (Russian) is a demanding little cat at times, but if you can provide him with the right service, he’s also pretty awesome.


One Response to “A120323(Mickey, Pantera, Piggy)”

  1. jill Says:

    how can I adopt one of these kittens? Please let me know.

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