Knitting for kittens

Okay, okay, I admit it: I am addicted to fostering kittens. Now that the winter is here and no more kittens are to be found, I have resorted to knitting to get my fix. Although I learned how to “knit” a while ago, I never really picked it up as a hobby. I mean, how would you like to get a lumpy scarf as a present? I needed to practice in order to get better, but I didn’t want to make presents that no one will use or wear. I had my Eureka moment when I knitted my first kitten blanket with a pattern from the “Snuggles Project“. The blankets are simple enough for me to make and it’s okay if some of them are a bit lumpy. Plus, the Toronto Humane Society will supply the wool if I will knit the blankets!!! What more can a newbie ask for?

I went and picked up a HUGE bag of wool from the volunteer office this week and got started knitting, right now I am on my 4th blanket. It’s given me something to do while I am on the subway to and from work, and it allows me to daydream about kittens all wrapped up in them. The shelters have to use steel cages for the cats, so having something colorful and soft for them to rest on makes a huge difference. It’s also adds a human touch for such a sterile environment, letting their potential new parents know they are being cared for.

My plan is to practice knitting the blankets for now and then move on to other more complicated projects like knitting a cat bed or a mouse toy. 🙂


My yarn stash, presents from the Toronto Humane Society.


One of my first lumpy attempt at a kitten blanket.

Smudge posing for the camera while testing out the new “scraps” blanket.


My current blanket, I love the pattern in the yarn.


One Response to “Knitting for kittens”

  1. Fluff Says:

    OMG! The pattern in the yarn translates to that argyle??? WOW! Am I stupid or what? All these years that I’ve been knitting and those patterns aren’t just random?? Lately, I can’t find the time or patience for knitting. I am making my 11 year old son a scarf and have been doing so since he was nine. I’m hoping that one day I can give it to him as a wedding gift.

    For my foster babies, I have been sewing little bows that make them look cute so they get adopted. I found a web site that offers the buckles and such for sewing collars and even offers advertising for people wishing to go into the collar business. I completely trashed my sewing machine trying to make a foster kitten diaper bag / carrier thing so I have that to fix before kitten season starts up again.

    I’m going to the private organization for training Sunday. I hope I learn something new and exciting.

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