The Winter Blues

We brought our last foster kitten back for adoption on Sunday. With kitten season at an end, we will likely have to wait until spring for more foster kittens. The last 24 hours has been really hard for everyone in the household. All together 17 bundles of fur have come through our doors and made our home a happy, lively one since July 2007, this is the first time in months that we haven’t had little ones running around our apartment. Our two cats, used to being the REAL foster parents, have been searching and calling for the kittens and crying disapprovingly at us. It was heartbreaking for me to put away the toys, towels, beds, little box and returning our master bathroom to “normal”. Who knew that fostering can be such an addictive and enjoyable experience?

For the next few months, we are going to try and see if we can foster adult cats, this of course, will depend on the reaction of our cats. I will be busy knitting kitten blankets, it’s my goal to donate as many kitten blankets to the nursery as the number of kittens we foster. (Best get started now if I want to hit the target!) I will also try and post as much updates and I can on the fosters that we have information on.

I want to thank all of the volunteers that have helped our foster kittens to find forever happy homes. From the kind citizens that have brought in the strays, to the vets, technicians, kitten feeders, to the foster coordinators, and the adoption agents. It took a whole team of dedicated people to make sure these little ones are well taken care of and that they have found a home to call their own. Thank you everyone!


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One Response to “The Winter Blues”

  1. Fluff Says:

    Hi there!
    I actually forgot about your blog or I would have been reading it! Thanks for reminding me. My blog is sort of a lonely place at the moment. I’ve just written a few things but plan to get it more up and running by February 11 which is when my segment on the Florence Henderson Show will air. The are going to post the blog address. I want to let people in America know that the foster programs exist so that more people will volunteer. My hope is that my blog can open up dialogue between foster parents and all who love cats and kittens exchanging advice and suppoort.

    My goodness, it’s been over amonth now since surrendering the last litter and now there’s new meaning to “Winter blues” I’m not depressed about it like I was the first few days and it has given me a chance to get to know my new boys, Smokey and Sacha. OK OK I’ll also admit my house smells a whole lot much better. đŸ™‚ BUT I miss the pitter patter of tiny feet and little pads as soft as baby’s lips and my “Beard of kittens” that forms on me during the night. I almost emailed the guy at the shelter today like a junkie going through withdrawals, “Comne on Man… I gotta have some! Just ONE kitten! Please! I’m jonesin’ man!!”

    I’m going to train to work with a private agency too. I’d like to see how that works and then I can know some of the other foster parents and even the folks who adopt. (Los Angeles adoptions are strictly anonymous). I’m sure my heart will really be with the shelter program because that’s where the harsh reality is but I want to see what an agency is like. Frankly I have a hard time with the dichotomy of an agency that so thoroughly screens adoptive parents and a shelter that eutnanizes unwanted animals… there’s got to be some middle ground that I’d like to find.

    Anyway, it’s so good to know you! Thank you for including me in your blog ring. Now I’m going to read your adventures.

    See Ya!

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