(A118682) Snuggle


Snuggle wants to be a model when he grows up – that’s why he’s practicing his sexy wink in this photo. We think that before he can be a model, he needs to stop liking things. He likes people, he likes cats, he likes being petted, he likes lying on his back in your hands, staring at you and purring, he likes pouncing on cat toys… models need to be more aloof.

But, try as we might, we just can’t dissuade him from being so nice. We’ve had one minor success with him: when he runs around a corner, he expects someone (or some other cat) to be there to play with him. And when there isn’t someone (or somecat) there to play with him, he announces his displeasure: meow-WOW mow wow-meOW-wow wow. mrow.

He very well-trained with the litter box, with scratching posts, and with other cats. He loves our two housecats, and they love him back (although he does get a bit nervous when his 11-pound ‘big brother’ decides to pounce on him).

Update! Little Snuggle has been adopted by a friend of ours. His new name is Oliver and we will be updating new pictures of him soon!


2 Responses to “(A118682) Snuggle”

  1. madie Says:

    that cat is cute. ;D

  2. Laura Says:

    Just a quick update to let you all know that Oliver is happy, healthy, and enjoying life. He’s become obsessed with zippers and salmon. He’s very chatty and tells us stories about his day whenever we come home from work. His favourite place is perched up on the window sill in the 2nd story bathroom- that way he can see out to the world!

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