(A118680) Fuzzle/Grapenut

Grapenut has two important sides to his personality: on one hand he’s a very cheerful, easy-going cat who is perfectly at ease playing with toys, playing with people, playing with other kittens, playing with older cats, or playing by himself (he can improvise toys from bottle caps, pens, pieces of paper, etc.) He loves to run around and attack shadows. He purrs when you flip him on his back and rub his belly. And he’ll happily sleep on your lap or the foot of your bed for hours. (Speaking of feet, he likes to chase them.)

But he’s also a little bit shy, and doesn’t like leaving the house very much. He gets scared when he has to go to the vet (actually, he gets scared whenever he has to leave the apartment), and it took him quite a while to get comfortable in our apartment at all. It will probably take him a day or two to get comfortable with new people – you can expect him to run away from you whenever you approach, but calm down and purr contentedly when you catch him, pick him up and hold him. Since he doesn’t like loud noises or movement, make sure he stays inside! If he heard a loud noise outside, he could bolt.

One little thing to watch out for: he’s a bit clumsy. He can’t jump very high, and has a tendency to fall off things that many cats wouldn’t.

Grapenut is (of course) litter trained and scratching-post trained. And he eats a lot – he’s more than doubled in size in the last 2.5 weeks, and shows no signs of slowing down. He inhales his wet food every morning and evening, and snacks on dry kibble throughout the day. (That’s how he got his name – he used to eat so much as a little kitten that he looked like a little grape. And he’s a nut.)

But with a little bit of patience, he’ll be an absolute doll of a kitty – and he’s not too demanding of attention. If you’re gentle with him and patient for the first few days, this little guy will be a great friend for the next decade or two.


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