(A118681) Cuddle

Cuddle has the smoothest, sleekest fur out of all the 17 cats we’ve fostered this year. He also has the athletic build of an Olympic gymnast (or, perhaps more appropriately, an Egyptian Mau). Because of this, he’s decided to to choose a career that suits his natural abilities, and become a ninja pirate.

He’s very adept at slinking around quietly, hiding behind walls and anything else that will give him cover, and leaping out without warning to pounce on his brothers (they are mostly good-natured about his job training activities). That’s the ninja part.

He also burrows into anything he can: under pillows, blankets, other cats, the crook of your arm, your neck, etc. There’s only one explanation for this activity, when you think about it. Buried treasure. That’s the pirate part.

And when he gets tired from all the sneaking and leaping and digging, he likes to spend time with people. Cuddle (now you understand the name for our ninja-pirate) happily spends hours curled up on or near any available lap, neck, or arm. (He’s not very happy being held off the ground, and would prefer to hug close to your body. Heights make him nervous.)

Finally, he’s well trained: he uses the litter box, his scratching post, and doesn’t mind having his nails clipped (grab his scruff to keep him calm). And he’s well-socialized. Our two big cats (a boy and a girl) like to play with… I mean help him with his ninja pirate training.


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