A117744 (Velcro)


Velcro is the only boy in the litter, but still manages to occasionally get bossed around by his big sister, Tux. He is an inquisitive, playful little guy, who likes to explore every area of the apartment (after Tux has made sure it’s safe), play-fight with all of his sisters, and climb up pant-legs to see what’s going on higher up in the world – which is how he gets his name, and why we trained him to have his little kitten claws clipped.

He is litter-trained, scratching-post trained, loves being petted and held by people, and purrs almost all the time. He likes playing with pretty much every cat toy he’s ever seen, and also likes playing with big cats – he spent a fair bit of time trying to goad our adult cats into chasing him around, without much success. But he kept on trying!

Velcro also loves food, and will happily eat (well, it’s more like inhaling) more wet food than his little tummy can handle, so be careful how much you feed him until he learns his own limits. Other than that, he’s a perfect cat!


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