A117743 (Zipper)


Zipper has cleverly figured out the secret to not leaving: don’t grow. She eats (well, she did until a few days ago) as much as the rest of the cats in the litter, but has somehow managed to gain only 40 grams in 3 weeks. Her siblings have gained about 400-500 grams, so she’s losing that race.

Until she’s over 800 (she’s 560 right now), she can’t get microchipped. So at the current rate of growth, we’re going to have her until… March.

Update! Good news! Zipper is now healthy and over 800grams. She has also found a forever home with two of our closest friends. They kitten-sat her for a few days and fell head over heels in love. This of course means that we get to see her on a regular basis. woohoo!


One Response to “A117743 (Zipper)”

  1. Fluff Says:

    Awesome! You can watch her grow!!

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