A117742 (Laces)


We have to admit that we don’t call Laces by her real name. We call her Blackbeard, since she has a little black beard (with a matching – and surprising -black lip under the fur), but since that’s not a very ladylike name, we left Laces on her sheet.

She’s a happy, playful, friendly little cat who loves people only a little less than her cat toy du jour. Other than growling (loudly for a cat this small) angry warning at anyone who comes to take her cat toys away while she’s playing with them, she’s the happiest, most playful cat in the litter. Things she likes to chase: her sisters, her brother, our other two cats, shadows, her tail, dust, and imaginary kittens.

She’s litter-trained, scratching-post-trained, and doesn’t mind (too much) having her claws clipped. Best to do that last one while she’s a little bit sleepy.

Laces is a prototypical kitten – she spends about 40% of her time sleeping, 40% of her time trying to look cute, and 20% of her time eating. She likes being petted, doesn’t mind being held (even flipped onto her back), and will make a very sweet pet for a good home.

But please change her name to something more dignified!


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