A117740 (Tux)


We tried calling Tux by other names for a while, but none of them stuck. If you frequently have to attend formal parties, Tux is the perfect cat – she’s always dressed for the occasion!

Tux is the biggest cat in her litter, and uses her size to take a level, stoic view of life. She was the first kitten out of the carrier when we brought them home, and the first to poke her head out of the bathroom when we let them out. But she never runs out to explore: she just solemnly walks around, inspecting things around her. (But if you surprise her, she sometimes jumps about 2 feet straight sideways…)

She’s litter-trained, scratching-post trained, socialized well with people and other cats, and actually doesn’t eat any more than the other cats in the litter (unless she’s sneaking snacks out of the fridge at night). Although the vet tells us that she’s not likely to be any bigger or smaller than her brother and sisters, we think she’s about 1/4 black bear.

One warning: she decided a couple of days ago that socks are prey. Even when there are feet in them. It might take a bit of training to convince her otherwise.

Tux likes to play with little cat toys, and will growl warnings at other cats if they get too close to her when she’s carrying one of her toys around the apartment. Until she drops is somewhere to investigate something new, and forgets about it completely.

Overall she’s a calm, happy, lovable ball of black fuzz, who’s just looking for a good home.


2 Responses to “A117740 (Tux)”

  1. Fluff Says:

    WOW looks so much like one of mine. This is really making me wish the weather would warm up so I can start fostering again!

  2. april Says:

    looks very close to my Kitten named Tux… AWW i just saved this kitten from the cold weather 🙂 poor little guy..

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