A116253 (Gamma)


Gamma is the reincarnation of the monkey king. He doesn’t walk – he prances everywhere he goes. He likes to talk in little low burbling noises as he struts around the apartment, and he talks to both people and other cats. When one of our adults cats lets out a loud meow, Gamma is the first one to come running to see what the need, and he greets them with a nose-bump and a purr.

In fact, a good way to tell whether Gamma is awake or not is to check whether he’s purring. If you hold him up to your ear, he usually sounds like a smooth-running four-stroke motor (but underwater). He likes to lie on laps, on chests, on his back in your arms, curled up on your leg, or poised carefully on your shoulder. You can tell he’s relaxed when he lays down to put his chin on your arm.

He’s quiet, except when he thinks it’s time for food. Then he lets out an alarmingly loud caterwaul to let you know that he wants to eat.

Gamma is the smartest of the litter. He has bright eyes that are always looking around to see what’s going on around him, he comes when he’s called (sometimes), and he definitely recognizes people. He wants a lot of attention, but rewards you handsomely for what you give him, with lots of love and affection


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