A116252 (Alpha)


Update – October 20th: Alpha has gained enough weight and confidence to leave the nest, so we’re sending her off to college… I mean to be adopted.

Alpha is (was?) the runt of her litter. When she first arrived, she spent a lot of her time hiding behind her three big brothers, hoping that other people and cats wouldn’t notice her. In fact, for a while, all she did was hide behind things, and peer out with her big eyes at the scary world beyond. After a week, though, she got used to us, and turned out to be a complete sweetie who likes to lie on your lap, stretch out, and purr.

Now that she’s grown, she likes to chase our other two cats around the house (weight 11 lbs. and 12 lbs.) after jumping out of hiding to tackle their heads. Her other hobbies are grooming people (she especially likes ankles, knees, and other ticklish points), practicing her `attack cat’ moves on people, and delivering `toys’ to people (crumpled paper, blades of cat grass, dead leaves…).

Although she’s much more confident now, some of her timid past comes out at times: she shouldn’t go to a home with loud dog, since she gets scared by loud noises. And she always needs some coaxing to eat her food (she loves food, including all types of wet cat food, dry cat food, yogurt, rice, and other people food that she really should not eat, but she gets distracted after having a few bites, and needs to be reminded to finish).

She also has a little hernia – it can be easily fixed when she gets spayed, but until then you should watch it. If it ever turns really hard (like a button), call a vet: it’s rare, but dangerous if it happens.

Alpha (so named because we couldn’t tell her apart from her two orange brothers Beta and Gamma) is a very loving little ball of adorableness. Everything that meets her falls in love with her.


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