A116251 (Beta)


Beta is a big teddy bear. When he grows up, he wants to be the friendliest and cutest tomcat on the block. To practice for his eventual duties, he enjoys finding hiding spots from where he can launch surprise attacks (on his brothers, on stockinged feet, on cat toys, on pieces of cardboard, etc), and running around as fast as he can.

He’s an independent cat, but also very well socialized. He spent his weeks with us with his two brothers, sister, and our own two cats. However, Beta’s favourite playmate is his twin brother Gobi (an identical cat other than his tan colouring) – if you’re thinking of getting two cats, get these two! They do everything together (and everything is: eating, playfighting, chasing each other around the apartment, sleeping, grooming each other.)

Beta is not only litter trained, but the most fastidious cat we’ve ever seen. He makes sure that everything in the litter box is buried, whether or not he
was responsible for the mess. (And for some reason, he also likes to make announcements when he’s doing his business in the box.) He’s also pretty good about having his nails clipped, and knows how to use scratching posts.


2 Responses to “A116251 (Beta)”

  1. Soniya Says:

    I am the proud new mother of Beta or as I renamed him Cody. I have never met such a warm, friendly, happy go lucky and lovable kitten. He loves to talk and can be heard before he is seen. He adapted very quickly to his new home, no hiding just exploring. He wandered around announcing his own arrival. He loves to eat, wow – he spent little time being shy and at the first opportunity enjoyed a warm saucer full of cat milk. He loves to run and tumble with my 4 month old kitten Kiwi. Kiwi is very interested in Cody. She watches him and mimicks him and is adjusting to his companionship. Cody who obviously is used to being with other cats is friendly and outgoing and wants to play and play. Cody sleeps with my son and loves treats and will be going to the vet for his regular check ups. I want to thank the Foster Mom and the Toronto Humane Society for raising my little kitty and teaching him to be so sweet at an early age. Thank you and I promise to take great care of him and spoil him with love and affection. Thanks Again!!!!

  2. jz Says:

    Dear Soniya,

    Reading your comment has brought tears to my eyes. It’s so good to know that he has found such a warm and caring home. I am sure Kiwi and Cody will get along famously. If your son hasn’t discovered already, Cody loves to get his tummy rubbed and loves to fall asleep on the top of your feet. 🙂

    Thank you so much for staying in touch with us. I will try to post some more picturs of Cody next week. Please feel free to send us pictures of Cody from time to time. You can reach us at kittenfoster08@gmail.com.

    Thank you, it’s people like you that makes fostering for the Toronto Humane Society so rewarding! Please say hi to Cody for us. We love him very much and wishes him and your family the best.

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