A116250 (Gobi)


Gobi is a friendly little monster who gets his name from the Gobi desert (his colouring is like sand). He is equally happy playing with his brothers and sister, as spending time sitting on your lap – or even better, lying cradled in an arm close to your chest. When his nails get long enough (and he’s OK with having them clipped), sometimes he’ll just climb up your jeans to get to a warm lap to sit in.

He’s an independent cat, but also very well socialized. He spent his weeks with us with his two brothers, sister, and our own two cats. However, Gobi’s favourite playmate is his twin brother Beta (an identical cat other than his orange colouring) – if you’re thinking of getting two cats, get these two! They do everything together (and everything is: eating, playfighting, chasing each other around the apartment, sleeping, grooming each other.)

Gobi is litter trained, scratching-post trained, and good with furniture (so far, at least). He does have a penchant for chewing on cardboard and tissue when he gets bored, so keep an eye on your toilet paper and any cardboard boxes that have sentimental value. He’s also a happy cat – he purrs when he’s being held, when he’s being petted, and sometimes just because he feels like it.


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