Fostering Round 2

It’s been a few days after we returned our first litter of kittens to the Humane Society to be adopted. With the pain of parting subsiding, and from getting emails/comments of happy new parents, we have decided to take on another litter!

This time around we will have them for only two weeks. The main goal will be weight gain, socialization and monitoring for any symptoms of illness. It’s pretty obvious the minute they settled into their new nursery that although tame, these kittens have not had much human socialization. Egg Plant (now Homer), Hermione and Avalanche (now Velma Kelly) used to rush for the door the minute it opens and try their best to climb on you for snuggles. These three tend to scatter and hide when we open the door. Since socialization for kittens are critical around the 8-10weeks stage, we have our work cut out for us in the next two weeks.

These little ones will be ready for adoption around Aug 14th at the Toronto Humane Society. As we get to know the new brood better, we will post information/pictures of these little ones to share with you. Adopting a new kitten into your family is a huge responsibility, so we will strive to do the best that we can for them in preparation for their arrival in your home.

update! The three little one will be staying with us for an extra week! Unfortunately they have come down with a bad cold and ear mites. Don’t worry though, we have taken them to the vet and when they are better, they should be ready for adoption next week. I will keep everyone posted!

update! Well, we took the little ones to the Vet Saturday and was told to keep them a few days longer. The ear mites are almost gone now but they need to be on drops for 5-7 days to make sure they are clean. So the good news is that we get to play with them for a few more days, but I am getting anxious as they are about 3 months old now. Hopefully in a few days we will be able to help them find new families. These little ones have come such a long way and had some rough times, I truly hope they will find loving homes for the rest of their lives soon.

update! We brought the little ones back to the Humane Society today (Sept 1st) just in time for their adoption blitz. Hopefully they will all find new homes today!



One Response to “Fostering Round 2”

  1. kittylovers Says:

    Good luck with your new batch of kittens…we look forward to seeing pictures & hearing your comments on your new arrivals. We are sure with your positive guidance they will turn out just great!

    The Kitty Lovers

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