A114629 (Panda)

It’s hard not to fall in love with Panda when you see her. Her cool grey and white colorings give her a calm, almost zen-like look. And her fur is the softest of the bunch.

Panda loves to follow her people friends around and will curl up against you (or on you) every chance she gets. Panda loves to play with her selection of toys and chase her siblings: you can often find her with a toy in her mouth, happily singing. Well, it’s more like humming away as she wanders around the nursery. She loves to purr, but you will almost have to hold your breath to hear her, since this little girl is very very quiet.

She is the most tentative of the three – it takes her a while to get used to new spaces and things. Panda doesn’t like sudden loud noises and prefers to be handled gently, she will be the perfect lap cat and companion to a household with no small children.


3 Responses to “A114629 (Panda)”

  1. Julie Says:

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful work you did with this wee kitten!

    My husband and I went to the Humane Society on Saturday and each fell in love with a different cat. We left (empty-handed), unsure if we were equipped to take on two new little beasts (in addition to the cat we already had/have at home). Ultimately, we decided we had what it took and we were back at the THS just before opening on Sunday in hopes that both would still be there. They were not.

    Our heartbreak was short-lived, though — this little white-nosed, white-pawed grey furball won us over instantly. We left with Panda an hour later and are smitten to bits with her.

    She is so well socialized and relaxed… and SUPER CUDDLY. She is litter trained (delightful surprise) and knew just what to do as soon as I brought a scratching post into the room she’s staying in until she (and our other cat Allie) gets adjusted to this new arrangement. Electrical/computer cords are going to be an adventure for us with this precocious little one — but her temperament is so wonderful, we really can’t complain.

    As I type this, she is dozing off with one paw on my leg… purring (always purring!). Which probably means an hour or two of high-speed chases and wrestling with her toys when the wakes up…

    We can’t thank you enough.

    Julie, Sacha & Panda (whose name may still change… we’ll keep you posted!)

    P.S. Anything else you could share with us, having spent much more time with her than we have so far?

  2. jz Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you so much letting us know that little “Panda” has found a loving home! Panda was the one that we worried about the most out of the bunch due to her more quiet personality. During her time with us, we have really bonded with this little girl, and it was extremely difficult to return her at the end of her foster period.

    As you may have read on our blog, Panda and her siblings have a rough patch for a bit. All of them were recovering from a bad cold and ear mites. We have spend countless nights holding them one by one over our humidifier to try and help them clear up the nasal congestion. They were given antibiotics as well as eye drops to keep any infections at bay. Panda was a trooper though the whole thing. She never complained during her daily medication routine or on any of the vet visits we took her to. She was great at getting her temperature checked, and didn’t even flinch when she got her vaccine. All the staff at the vet clinic absolutely adored her because she’s so good natured and easy to work with. Because she’s still a kitten and especially because she’s the tiniest of her litter, I would recommend monitoring her closely for any signs of a cold. She was given a clean bill of health by the Vet before we brought her back for adoption. However, if the cold does come back, speak to your vet about giving her Vrialys, we found that it was very effective at helping them to recover. Her nasal passage is very small, so if she gets congested, it will be very difficult for her to breathe and smell food. I would recommend taking her into the bathroom with you when you shower so the steam can help to clear any congestion. We have a humidifier so we used to hold her gently over the stream a few times a day. (far enough away so it’s not too hot) She’s very good at being held like that, and would bat at the steam until she falls asleep on my palm with her little white feet dangling over the sides. 

    By now I am sure you know she’s THE perfect lap cat, you will find too that socializing her to your cat will be easy as well. Smudge, our ever finicky grey cat didn’t’ want to make friends right away when they were first introduced, so Panda patiently waited until Smudge has relaxed before she slowly inched her way closer and closer until they are lying next to each other. It was heart warming to watch, something I hope you will get to experience as well.

    Although she loved playing with her siblings and our cats, we found that she preferred the company of people the most. She loves to curl up by my feet or on my lap, or on my hand or on my chest, or head or really any spot that is human to snuggle and purr. In fact, we had some friends over a few weeks ago and she slept on our laps for hours, she didn’t even bother to wake up when passed from one person to another.

    She’s quiet and doesn’t complain or yell, we have yet to really hear her meow. The only noise she makes is the burbling sound when she’s happy. Her favorite toys are the “Cat Dancer”, any furry mouse type things or the plastic balls with a bell in the middle. She will happily play with the toys for hours on her own. So, yes, I think she’s the most well behaved kitten we have ever met.

    During most of her foster period she was fed Purina’s Veterinary Diet, Pediatric formula for cats canned food and Iams kitten dry food. During her last two days here I gave her Med-Cal canned food and Science Diet Nature’s Best Kitten dry food to make sure she’s not brand specific when it comes food.

    I think the biggest reward from fostering is when we hear from the new parents, it really makes us feel that we have made some impact. With Panda, we are happy that she’s well socialized, healthy and have found a family that adores her. If you could send us pictures of her from time to time, then you will have our gratitude, for she will always have a spot in our hearts. If you have any more questions about Panda, please feel free to email us at kittenfoster08@gmail.com.

  3. kittencarpathia Says:

    I just started a blog here. I became a kitten foster parent in late August. My Myspace was so overtaken with kitten talk that I decided to do a separate blog for foster parenting. I’m eager to learn from others and offer what little I’ve learned. I live in Los Angeles and foster for the Animal Shelters. Unlike you we have no contact with the people who adopt our foster kittens. Twice I have had kittens who found their new parents while still in my arms as I was surrendering them so I got to meet their new owners.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    Please come to my blog… ooops I’ve got to make one first!

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