A114628 (Wibble)


Wibble had a broken tail, bad cold, ear mites and stuffed up nose. You would think this might leaver her down and out, but Wibble is the most playful of the three. She loves to bat at you with her paws, head-butt you, lick (and nibble) you, etc.

Wibble’s favourite game is to play with our (2-year old) cat Smudge through the frosted glass window in the bathroom. They touch paws on either side of the glass. Smudge now spends the entire day stationed next to the bathroom, hoping Wibble will humour her. Wibble also enjoys to play kitten soccer with her siblings. She’s definitely the most skilled of them all.

She doesn’t meow, but makes little burbling sounds when she’s happy. And when Wibble grows up, she’s going to take over the universe.


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