A113579 (Hermione)


Hermione is the biggest of the litter and a natural leader. She leads the pack on the dash for food at feeding time, and will be the first to pounce on our sleeping cats. Hermione loves to play with cats or people.

Hermione will play with just about anything, and has been seeing carrying around (in her mouth) small fluffy balls, little plastic mice, wadded-up pieces of paper, Nintendo game controllers, and pens. She also plays nicely with other cats – both our two-year-old and three-year-old liked to play with her.

Hermione wants to enter the Olympics one day. She is sleekly athletic with a shining coat, a top speed of about 25km/h, and a vertical leap of about twice her height. She enjoys showing off her athleticism to our 13 lb sausage-shaped two-year old cat, and the two of them spend a lot of time chasing each other (Hermione always wins).

Hermione occasionally tries to snack on plants, so be careful not to leave any poisonous ones where she can get at them. However, she uses her sisal scratching post a lot, and hasn’t scratched any of our furniture at all (other than a small throw rug, but it cost less than the scratching post).

Please take good care of her, since we’re going to miss her a ton after her four weeks with us!


We just heard from THS that Hermione has found a new home with a loving family with an older cat. This is wonderful news! It took our cats a week or two to get used to having these energetic fur balls around, but with a little patience and time our cats learned how to play with the kittens. We wish Hermione well in her new home and new friends. Please know that you are missed!

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