Being a foster parent


After going through the application and interview process at the Humane Society, we became foster parents of three six week old kittens on July 3rd, 2007. For the next four weeks, they gave us one of the most rewarding experiences of our life time.

Even though we have had experiences raising immature kittens in the past, this was our first time fostering. This is also the first time ever that we had to raise three little ones at the same time. The toughest part of fostering isn’t so much the time commitment involved or the amount of work required. The toughest part of fostering is letting go on the last day, and not knowing what will become of them.

After dropping them off at reception on the second floor, my fiance and I held hands all the way to the car, my heart felt like it was being torn in little pieces. We sat in our car in the parking lot and cried. They have bought so much joy to us in the past few weeks that we want to share it with your on this blog. If you are the new parents of our foster kittens, I hope these pages will give you an insight into their personalities and let you know from the bottom of our hearts how much we loved them. We wish them well in your care. Please take good care of them, for we hope they will bring joy to your hearts the same way they did for us.


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