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A113578 (Egg Plant)

July 29, 2007


Most people ask us why we named this little orange fur ball Egg Plant, well, it’s because we know his new family will give him a permanent name and purple is the complimentary color to orange.

Egg Plant is the only boy in the litter, the purring machine and the one that loves people the most. His goal in life is to be come the best lap cat and break the Guinness World Record for the number of hearts he can melt. He loves to pose for pictures so we would advise his new parents to use digital cameras instead of film, for you will definitely end up with more pictures of this cat than your vacation.

Like his sisters, this little boy does not scratch furniture, doesn’t mind getting his nails clipped and has never had any issues with litter box use. He’s a great sport at the vets, doesn’t even flinch when getting a needle and will nap through getting his nails clipped. We hope he will make a wonderful addition to your family and we hope he will melt your hearts the same way he has done for us.

Update! Our little guy has found a new home with a wonderful family. They have recently lost their family pet and has welcomed the little guy with open arms. Thank you for keeping us posted on him. We wish you all the best, and please, feel free to share pictures with us!

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A113579 (Hermione)

July 29, 2007


Hermione is the biggest of the litter and a natural leader. She leads the pack on the dash for food at feeding time, and will be the first to pounce on our sleeping cats. Hermione loves to play with cats or people.

Hermione will play with just about anything, and has been seeing carrying around (in her mouth) small fluffy balls, little plastic mice, wadded-up pieces of paper, Nintendo game controllers, and pens. She also plays nicely with other cats – both our two-year-old and three-year-old liked to play with her.

Hermione wants to enter the Olympics one day. She is sleekly athletic with a shining coat, a top speed of about 25km/h, and a vertical leap of about twice her height. She enjoys showing off her athleticism to our 13 lb sausage-shaped two-year old cat, and the two of them spend a lot of time chasing each other (Hermione always wins).

Hermione occasionally tries to snack on plants, so be careful not to leave any poisonous ones where she can get at them. However, she uses her sisal scratching post a lot, and hasn’t scratched any of our furniture at all (other than a small throw rug, but it cost less than the scratching post).

Please take good care of her, since we’re going to miss her a ton after her four weeks with us!


We just heard from THS that Hermione has found a new home with a loving family with an older cat. This is wonderful news! It took our cats a week or two to get used to having these energetic fur balls around, but with a little patience and time our cats learned how to play with the kittens. We wish Hermione well in her new home and new friends. Please know that you are missed!

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A113580 (Avalanche)

July 29, 2007

Avalanche is the smallest of the litter and the most independent. She loves to set off on an adventure of exploring every nook and cranny in the whole house. Despite her size, she’s brave, confident and can hold up her own in a wrestling match against her siblings or playing chase with our two 12lb and 13lb cats.

Avalanche’s favorite toy is the “Cat Dancer” but she also enjoys chasing a crumpled up piece of paper around. She’s great at using her sisal scratching post, does not scratch furniture or chew on plants. She has been socialized with our cats so a household with other cats will be fine for this little girl.

Avalanche is a bit sensitive about getting needles at the vets, so bring her favorite treat and be gentle but firm with her so she doesn’t hurt herself when getting the shots.

We had a wonderful time fostering this little girl, she has made some great friends during her stay. We hope that she will go to a loving household where her big personality will bring joy to everyone.

Update! Avalanche’s (now Velma Kelly) new family just wrote and updated us on her new life. We could like to thank the new parents and Roxie for contacting us and putting our worries at ease. We wish her all the best!

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Being a foster parent

July 28, 2007


After going through the application and interview process at the Humane Society, we became foster parents of three six week old kittens on July 3rd, 2007. For the next four weeks, they gave us one of the most rewarding experiences of our life time.

Even though we have had experiences raising immature kittens in the past, this was our first time fostering. This is also the first time ever that we had to raise three little ones at the same time. The toughest part of fostering isn’t so much the time commitment involved or the amount of work required. The toughest part of fostering is letting go on the last day, and not knowing what will become of them.

After dropping them off at reception on the second floor, my fiance and I held hands all the way to the car, my heart felt like it was being torn in little pieces. We sat in our car in the parking lot and cried. They have bought so much joy to us in the past few weeks that we want to share it with your on this blog. If you are the new parents of our foster kittens, I hope these pages will give you an insight into their personalities and let you know from the bottom of our hearts how much we loved them. We wish them well in your care. Please take good care of them, for we hope they will bring joy to your hearts the same way they did for us.


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